The first feed balancer tailored to the needs of Native Ponies

Native ponies are built to withstand the rugged cold weather and scarce grazing conditions; they are strong, durable and maintain their condition in times when food is limited. With domestication we have now brought these ponies out of the wild and into the show ring, taking them into an environment that is completely the opposite to their natural habitat. This can lead to many nutritional problems, particularly excess condition as these ponies are often provided a surplus of feed. Feeding Native ponies can be a balancing act between ensuring they are receiving all the nutrients they require to perform to the best of their ability without encouraging weight gain.  Blue Chip understands that this can be a difficult task for even the most seasoned Native pony owners and this lead to the development of our new premium feed balancer; Original Native.

Blue Chip Original Native

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Feed balancer tailored to the needs of laminitic and overweight horses.

Lami-light is a diet which has been specifically formulated for laminitic and overweight horses and ponies. It is low in calories and whole cereal-free and includes magnesium for insulin activity. Lami-light it is designed to be fed to any horses and ponies that are overweight or that need to be maintained on a restricted diet. These horses and ponies are usually lacking in vitamins and minerals, which is where Lami light comes in, having optimum levels of these essential ingredients, combined with a prebiotic and probiotic.

Blue Chip Lami-Light

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The original feed balancer

Original is a feed balancer, which is added to a horse’s regular feed to promote muscle tone, topline, condition, temperament, coat, hooves, digestion, respiration, immunity and overall health and well-being.

Blue Chip Original

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