Update on Flash and how he is doing on the Super Concentrated Calming Balancer.

Well, he is doing great on it. The change in his behavior is amazing.  He has been on the balancer now for about 7 weeks and he is SO much calmer than before. The difference is incredible.

I took him to a showjumping competition last Friday evening, his first since being on the balancer. When we arrived, it was super busy there as there was an affiliated class before mine which had over 50 entries, I kind of hoped most of them had gone by the time we arrived, but as they were running behind on time, most of the competitors where still there, so there were lots of people and lots of horses and a big atmosphere.  I have to say my first thought was Oh no, he’s going to be so excited and a handful.

Well to my amazement, he was completely not like that at all. He was a little bit on his toes when we got him out of the trailer, but as soon as I got on he was super chilled.  I took him up to the main arena to watch the rest of the class before mine so he could take in the atmosphere, for the first time ever he stood like a lamb watching, I had my reins on the buckle and he was so chilled out.

He was excellently behaved in the warm-up no rearing or throwing any shapes, he just warmed up perfectly. He jumped a great round too, we had 8 faults, but that was due to rider error and little bit of his greenness on his part.

I have to say that this product has changed my future of competing with Flash as it makes going to competitions so much more enjoyable and less stressful for me thinking is he going to explode or not. It is so nice to have a calm horse to take now.

I can’t thank you enough for producing a product that works. I’m already looking forward to our next competition in two weeks time. A very happy customer


Ok so this is what his behavior could be like before using the Blue Chip Calming Balancer. This photo is about two years old, but he has always been lively and full of it. He’s an ex-race horse.


And this was him last Friday.