The difference in Banksy since feeding the Blue Chip Super Concentrated Calming Balancer is Incredible, in both character/attitude and physical shape/muscle tone.

He has always been a sharp horse and has his cheeky quirky ways, but in my eyes all the talented ones do have! However there are times where his the sharp and spooky antics have got us into trouble…well me into A&E!!

Since feeding the Calming Balancer he is a lot more laid back when at events, yet thankfully still his normal forward jolly self when out hacking but when asked to concentrate and work he listens.

When competing he is much more focused on the task in hand, attentive to what I ask next, rather than nosing or spooking at everything else that’s going on outside the arena or passing horses in the warm up.

Prior to feeding this I fed another brand balancer along with a calming supplement, so not only am I delighted that it is working so well for him, it is also a lot healthier for my bank balance. This has resulted to “spare money” to spend on training, which in turn has massively increased our Dressage Scores! Our latest result being a 22.8 and a Double Clear to Win our section!! Just shy of 10 whole marks off of our previous Personal Best at the same level.

Huge thank you to Blue Chip for guiding us in the right direction as to which Balancer would best suit our needs, I can definitely say that it is working for us!!

Tina & Banksy