Isobel Long

Horses for 2017

  • Hooray Henrik, my 148cm skewbald gelding who is full of personality!

Best 2016 Results

  • Winning the BRC team dressage, to qualify for the KBIS championships later this year.
  • Going clear at the NSEA championships Rio special 95cm-1m show jumping competition and getting to ride with Willberry The Wonder Pony on my back!
  • Qualifying for the Pony Club Dengie show jumping 2nd rounds

2017 Goals

  • Continue to work on our jump-off turns to give us the edge in show jumping competitions.
  • Qualify for the BRC national championships and get placed.
  • Compete in BRC pairs dressage.

Top Tips

  • Always ride positively into fences and don’t think about what could go wrong.
  • Keep working hard to achieve your goals.
  • Have fun when competing and remember to stay calm (even if it’s not going to plan!)

Personal highpoint

  • Riding with Willberry The Wonder Pony on my back at the NSEA championships!  Also, improving with Henrik in all disciplines, especially seeing our dressage percentages go up and up! Getting the opportunity to promote Blue Chip Feed.




Memorable Horses

  • Tommy
  • Teddy B
  • Little Miss Dizzy


Blue Chip Original

Blue Chip Joint RLF

Isobel Longs’ lesson with Daisy Coakley

Isobel Longs’ lesson with Daisy Coakley

A lesson with Daisy Coakley… Henrik and I were lucky enough to have a lesson with the Blue Chip sponsored rider, Daisy Coakley. The focus of our lesson was flat work which was extremely beneficial for our upcoming events, in particular the BRC horse trial championships. Henrik was exited due to the new location however he soon began to relax and work into a round shape after getting tips from Daisy. Daisy taught me numerous exercises to improve Henrik’s way of going, I found Daisy’s style of teaching was very clear and constructive, allowing the lesson to benefit Henrik and I greatly. The wide variety of tips and exercises Daisy taught me kept Henrik engaged throughout the whole lesson. I have been able to put Daisy’s tips and exercises into practise at home, allowing me to see a positive improvement in Henrik and I’s partnership. I am so thankful to Blue Chip Feed for allowing me to have this experience and Daisy Coakley for giving up her time to teach me. Here is a video link to see us in action –   ...
Isobel Long on Pony Club Boot Camp and Going Clear!

Isobel Long on Pony Club Boot Camp and Going Clear!

The summer holidays have finally arrived which has allowed Henrik and I to attend many other competitions and training sessions. We have been working really hard on our dressage in preparation for the BRC Horse Trials Championships that are fast approaching. As well as that I have improved my position in both dressage and jumping to enable Henrik to perform at his very best. In the first week of the summer holidays Henrik and I attended an Area 11 Pony Club Boot Camp that was very informative. We received training sessions with highly qualified instructors which allowed me to see a transformation in Henrik’s way of going. The dressage training was very beneficial as it was filmed, allowing us to analyse our positions and how they can affect our ponies. In our jumping sessions we did lots of angled and technical combinations to really get Henrik thinking, Henrik grew in confidence as the session went on. As well as riding, we also had theory lectures on different topics such as shoeing and feeding. All of these were interesting and everyone learnt a lot. I particularly enjoyed the lecture about feeding, it was so interesting to understand what each component does to benefit the horse or pony. At the end of the lecture our ponies got assessed for condition and then weighed. Thanks to Blue Chip Original and Joint RLF, the nutritionist commented on how great Henrik’s condition and musculature was, proving how beneficial Blue Chip Feed is for muscle and condition!   We have also been achieving multiple double clears at competitions. I was particularly pleased when we were placed 3rd...
Isobel’s June Update

Isobel’s June Update

Henrik and I had a particularly fun Easter taking part in numerous Pony Club rallies, in preparation for upcoming events. During training sessions we have been focusing on keeping a forward rhythm in the XC phase to ensure we get within the time, and to stay positive throughout. In addition to this, I have made sure that I have regular flat work sessions, to continue to improve our dressage. During the past few months we have been competing 80-85cm ODEs, achieving team 2nd and individual 4th at our Pony club’s ODE, despite doing the XC in the pouring rain. All our training paid off at the BRC Horslyx Champs, where we competed in the 85cm Combined Training. Henrik jumped a tidy clear round but there was a slight driver issue in the Dressage. But to my surprise we came 8th and came home with a lovely rosette. As well as this, we have had a very successful time at the BRC Qualifiers, we came team 1st in the 80cm ODE, in which we achieved a 32.5% Dressage and double clear which lead to us qualifying for the L&SE champs and the Animal Life Champs in the summer! We also qualified for the BRC Nationals in the Style Jumping as an individual and as a team in the Show Jumping. Throughout all of these events, Henrik had been proudly powered by Blue Chip Original and Blue Chip Joint RLF. Feel free to check out our social media pages: Instagram: hip_hip_hooray_henrik Facebook: Isobel Long Equestrian YouTube:...
Isobel is Springing into Next Season!

Isobel is Springing into Next Season!

Sponsored rider Isobel Long has been in touch to tell us how her start to the season is off to a flying start and her hopes for the rest of the year in her latest blog… The winter season has come to an end but the summer has only just begun… Henrik and I attended a Pony Club indoor SJ competition at the SE of England show ground back in January, we had a very rainy but successful day. The course had multiple spooky fillers but Henrik wasn’t fazed by any them which resulted in us doing a lovely clear round and coming team 3rd. Next we attended an indoor X country clinic at Sands Farm, it was great to get out and about over different types of fences. Henrik was very well behaved and was flying when we went clear around the 90cm and 1m courses. As well as competing, we have had various flat and jump lessons with my BHS qualified instructor. In the flat work we have been working on getting Henrik to be more forward which benefits many aspects, but as well as that I have had to work on my position to allow Henrik to work into an even and correct contact.  Our improvement in flat work at home has been shown whilst we are competing at both dressage and jumping competitions due to how Henrik’s muscles have built up and our partnership has grown. In our jumping lessons we have mainly been working on getting me to identify when Henrik is hesitating and how to react quicker, which allows me to give Henrik...
Isobel Long: Looking Ahead In 2017

Isobel Long: Looking Ahead In 2017

After months of frantic voting and promoting, the winners were announced. I was over the moon to receive an email saying that I had won sponsorship from the amazing company, Blue Chip Feed. Soon after that my clothing arrived and straight away Henrik and I started to promote at every show we went to. The first show we attended in our Blue Chip Feed gear was at Pachesham Equestrian Centre where we did the 90cm Dengie SJ qualifier, finishing 3rd to qualify for the Dengie 2nd rounds next year. This was one of my aims for 2016 which I was happy to achieve so early in the qualifying season. Henrik and I aim to improve our dressage and we have attended a few dressage to music lessons which really benefit us with keeping the correct beat and we are experimenting with challenging movements for both Henrik and I. Next we attended a very rainy BRC Combined Training competition which we achieved 27.1% in our dressage despite Henrik slipping and finishing with an ice skating display up the centre line! Then we went on to go clear in our 85cm SJ round, finishing with a team 2nd and individually 4th, we both looked very smart in our gear and the water proof coat kept me nice and dry when I was warming up in the pouring rain! Our next event was a very exciting one, as earlier in the year I had qualified for the NSEA JWS championship class at Addington Manor however the rules said that it had to be the same horse rider combination. But luckily for Henrik and I...