Isobel Long

Horses for 2016

  • Hooray Henrik (Henrik) who is an 11 year old 148cm Skewbald Gelding and full of personality!

Best 2015 Results

  • Henrik and I have only been a team for 6 months but with my old pony Tommy my best result was qualifying for the NSEA championships at Addington Manor. My proudest achievement so far on Henrik is coming 6th in our first 90cm Showjumping competition at Felbridge also recently going clear in the 80-85cm and the 90-95cm NSEA JWS competition at Mayfield.

2016 Goals

  • Work on Jump-off turns to give us the edge in Show Jumping competitions.
  • Qualify for the Horslyx BRC championships.
  • Qualify for the Pony Club Dengie Show Jumping Championships.

Top Tips

  • Don’t let other people intimidate you at shows, it’s not all about the looks and flashy horses, it’s about the hard work and dedication that gets you success.
  • Ride positively into fences (especially XC), don’t even think about what could go wrong, the more you think, the more of a possibility something will go wrong.

Personal highpoint

  • Getting Henrik who never fails to make me smile and who I know is going to take me far. Also making progress with Henrik already in dressage and jumping, I feel we have an exiting and successful future ahead, but that can only be achieved with hard work and dedication.




Memorable Horses

  • Tommy
  • Teddy B
  • Little Miss Dizzy


Blue Chip Original

Blue Chip Joint RLF

Isobel Long: Looking Ahead In 2017

Isobel Long: Looking Ahead In 2017

After months of frantic voting and promoting, the winners were announced. I was over the moon to receive an email saying that I had won sponsorship from the amazing company, Blue Chip Feed. Soon after that my clothing arrived and straight away Henrik and I started to promote at every show we went to. The first show we attended in our Blue Chip Feed gear was at Pachesham Equestrian Centre where we did the 90cm Dengie SJ qualifier, finishing 3rd to qualify for the Dengie 2nd rounds next year. This was one of my aims for 2016 which I was happy to achieve so early in the qualifying season. Henrik and I aim to improve our dressage and we have attended a few dressage to music lessons which really benefit us with keeping the correct beat and we are experimenting with challenging movements for both Henrik and I. Next we attended a very rainy BRC Combined Training competition which we achieved 27.1% in our dressage despite Henrik slipping and finishing with an ice skating display up the centre line! Then we went on to go clear in our 85cm SJ round, finishing with a team 2nd and individually 4th, we both looked very smart in our gear and the water proof coat kept me nice and dry when I was warming up in the pouring rain! Our next event was a very exciting one, as earlier in the year I had qualified for the NSEA JWS championship class at Addington Manor however the rules said that it had to be the same horse rider combination. But luckily for Henrik and I...