The summer holidays have finally arrived which has allowed Henrik and I to attend many other competitions and training sessions. We have been working really hard on our dressage in preparation for the BRC Horse Trials Championships that are fast approaching. As well as that I have improved my position in both dressage and jumping to enable Henrik to perform at his very best. In the first week of the summer holidays Henrik and I attended an Area 11 Pony Club Boot Camp that was very informative. We received training sessions with highly qualified instructors which allowed me to see a transformation in Henrik’s way of going. The dressage training was very beneficial as it was filmed, allowing us to analyse our positions and how they can affect our ponies. In our jumping sessions we did lots of angled and technical combinations to really get Henrik thinking, Henrik grew in confidence as the session went on.

As well as riding, we also had theory lectures on different topics such as shoeing and feeding. All of these were interesting and everyone learnt a lot. I particularly enjoyed the lecture about feeding, it was so interesting to understand what each component does to benefit the horse or pony. At the end of the lecture our ponies got assessed for condition and then weighed. Thanks to Blue Chip Original and Joint RLF, the nutritionist commented on how great Henrik’s condition and musculature was, proving how beneficial Blue Chip Feed is for muscle and condition!


We have also been achieving multiple double clears at competitions. I was particularly pleased when we were placed 3rd as a team at the Pony club areas, going triple clear. Henrik performed an amazing jump off, finishing 9th individually.

Henrik and I are really exited for our lesson with a Blue Chip sponsored rider that will hopefully be taking place later this month.