Daisy Coakley

Horses for 2017

  • Affinity Bay
  • Aramis T
  • Galanci RS
  • Ivanne

Best 2016 Results

  • 70% + at Inter I level on Aramis T at Regional and Premier League competitions and Qualifying for the Summer Nationals at that level.
  • Affinity Bay winning the Petplan Inter I Area Festival and Qualifying for the Nationals in April. He also won the Small Tour  Semi- Finals on 70% and placed 7th at the finals.
  • Galanci RS Qualified for both the National and International Finals in the 5yo young horse classes showing lots of promise for the future.

2017 Goals

  • 70%+ scores at Inter I level at Premier League competitions and qualify for the Nationals.
  • Continue to work on the Piaffe and passage and aim to do my first Inter II in the Autumn of 2017.

Top Tips

  • Keep a positive mindset- not only when competing but also in everyday training… and always have a plan!
  • Make long term, mid term and short term goals but don’t forget the only way to reach those goals is to focus on the everyday training/ discipline.“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit” -Aristotle

Personal Highpoints

  •  Going clear a Weston Park Festival of youth CCI* and getting 68% and winning my second ever Inter I
  • My most recent personal highpoint was the first time I scored over 70% at Inter I level at a Premier League show and was in the top placings.

Memorable Horses

  • Urbanus II- An Incredible horse who taught me a huge amount and gave me so much joy.  He helped me find my passion for training horses and I would not be where I am today without him!

Recent Blog Posts

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Daisy’s Update from the Hickstead Pemier League…

Daisy’s Update from the Hickstead Pemier League…

“We had a great few days at Hickstead Premier League, Merri (Aramis T) was a star in both PSG tests placing 9th and 11th in huge classes! The Inter I was another good test, apart from one moment! Merri was on excellent form which was impressive considering the 35+ degrees of heat on the first day and the thunder storm/rain showers on the second!! We were drenched – as you can see in the... read more
A Successful June for Daisy!

A Successful June for Daisy!

June has been a competition filled month and the real highlights have to be both the Wellington and Hickstead Premier League Competitions.  Wellington at the start of June, was situated first on the busy competition calendar and the weather was almost sunny and the venue was efficient as always. However, the same can’t be said for the weather at Hickstead! We were towed into the gates in deep mud and a few days later towed back out in even thicker mud in more treacherous conditions. The team at Hickstead did an incredible job in the face of adversity but our show kit is still recovering from all the rain and mud! Tilly Tilly was the first to compete at Wellington Premier League and she set the bar very high for the other horses. At the tender age of five, Tilly is showing real promise; she has a very trainable attitude and so far nothing has phased her both in and outside of the ring. She warmed up beautifully and went in to perform the National Five year old test. Unfortunately she was a little flat and was lacking energy as the journey had taken it out of her, but she absolutely tried her hardest for me regardless which is something you cannot train into a horse so we are very lucky. She did us proud and finished third which means we have qualified for the Hickstead National Young horse Final at the end of July! Exciting times! The next competition in Tilly’s diary is Hartpury Premier League at the start of July where she is competing in the Shearwater Young... read more
Daisy in June’s Horse & Hound Magazine

Daisy in June’s Horse & Hound Magazine

Daisy Coakley could be seen in the latest edition of Horse & Hound giving advice in the magazine’s ‘Summer Management’ feature. As a rising star Daisy was asked her advice on how to beat the heat this season.... read more