BSJA  Clare Blaskey feature 17.03.14

What a year so far – talk about ups and downs!

My beloved horse, the 21 year-old I’m Blue Chip Too (Glen), had an Epiploic Foramen Entrapment; this is when part of the gut is sucked through a small hole by the liver.  Fortunately Jane found him early on and within 3 hours, he was on the operating table at Poole House. Over 18 feet of intestine had gone through the slit but very fortunately it was still viable and the great team at Poole House managed to push it all back. It was a very serious operation for a 21 year old horse and I was told that he may not survive the operation.


The next day the vets were amazed, as Glen, although very tired, was doing well, and I managed to get him eat some Blue Chip Pro made into a mash.  The next day he was looking really bright, and I think he thought he was at a show! He was eating and grazing and just two days later, he came home to be very spoilt and is now on great form and looks super.

Now Glen is ok I however, have unfortunately broken my ankle, which seems to be taking ages to mend!

Jane is doing a great job with the horses; Blue Chip Forever (Jools) has moved up to Advanced Medium, which he finds very easy and became Advanced Medium Champion at Sheepgate Tack and Togs Championship.  He has just done his first Premier League, again winning both his classes and has already qualified for next Year’s Winter Regionals.  As well as this he was Champion Ridden Sport Horse at the Yorkshire Sport Horse Show, qualifying for the National Championships.  Finally, he also had his first appearance on Horse and Country TV on the Blue Chip All Star Academy, where he was ridden by Jayne Ross to demonstrate the Perfect Show and he behaved beautifully.

You can watch our fantastic new series every Sunday night on Horse and Country TV, Sky Channel 253 or go to Horse and Country TV online and download it.

Before I broke my ankle, Happy Birthday Blue Chip (Happy) and I scored 77% in a Novice Freestyle. He has also qualified for the Sports Horse Championships, the Pet Plan Area Festivals and is turning into a lovely horse with the sweetest temperament.

Our field companion pony Cassie, also in her twenties is looking very fit on the Blue Chip Super Concentrated Senior Balancer.  Averie, our Thoroughbred yearling by the Coolmore Stallion Excelebration, has been accepted for the prestigious Doncaster Premier Sale and may also get into the Tatts book II.

On the Blue Chip Front we have just launched another Super Concentrated Balancer, Blue Chip Super Concentrated ULSA COOL balancer. After 2 years of research this great product is going to benefit many horses and ponies and is already selling like hot cakes.

If you see me at a show please come and say hello and good luck for the rest of 2016!