Part of the Ginger Family, Turmeric has long since been revered for its powerful natural qualities. In areas with high Turmeric diets, such as India, it is said that the levels of Conditions such as arthritis and dementia in humans are the lowest in the world and that this is down to the anti inflammatory affect Turmeric has in the body. There are even people that claim it can help treat conditions such as Sarcoids when both ingested internally and applied externally.

Now, there is no scientific evidence to show this in Horses, but there are many who will swear by it, claiming their previously previous stiff or lame horse received a new lease of life along with his supplementation of Turmeric. We don’t suppose that it wouldn’t be as popular as it is now if it didn’t work, but having said that It’s important to point out its not a miracle cure for every condition and should not replace proper medical attention by a vet, if required. Turmeric should not be fed in combination with blood thinning medications (or before surgery), ulcer medications, or NSAIDs (such as bute), and veterinary advice should be sought before feeding to pregnant mares.


Warning, if you’re mixing Turmeric Powder into your feed, prepare to dye everything including your fingers and your horses muzzle golden yellow!

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