Linseed For Horses

Feed Blue Chip Original for a glossy coat and healthy skin.


Blue Chip Original contains ;

Linseed – For glossy coat and healthy skin

Original contains high levels of soya and linseed – natural, vegetable sources of omega 3 – perfectly suited to a horse’s herbivorous diet. These combine with organic zinc to ensure that your horse has healthy, scurf-free skin and a glossy, gleaming coat.


Probiotic – For digestive health and well-being

A significant amount of detailed research from universities, vets and scientists around the world has proved that the EU authorised live probiotic yeast used by Blue Chip aids gut metabolism and promotes the optimum functioning of the digestive system. This probiotic stimulates the growth of the ‘good bacteria’ involved in the digestive process and so aids fibre breakdown, nutrient absorption and the ‘mopping up’ of unwanted acids, enabling your horse to get the most out of its diet.


SoundHoof™ – Complete hoof supplement

A potent blend of biotin, methionine, lysine, organic zinc and organic copper for the formation of strong, pliable,good quality hooves.


PrimoVento™ – Respiratory supplement

A powerful combination of antioxidants, menthol, eucalyptus and garlic, to soothe the airways and maintain lung health and integrity. Blue Chip feed balancers are the only balancers currently available that incorporate a respiratory supplement.



Original contains magnesium, known to help keep horses and ponies settled and stress free. Our probiotic will also settle the digestive system, ensuring horses feel comfortable in themselves, making them easier to ride and more settled in the stable. Horses on Original have stopped box walking, weaving and cribbing.


A powerful combination of antioxidants

Selenium, vitamin C and vitamin E to aid the ‘mopping up’ of free radicals and promote a healthy immune system.


ORIGINAL: Feed Balancer


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Add Original to your horse’s feed to promote:

-  Coat & skin health

-  Digestive health

-  Topline

-  Condition

-  Overall health & wellbeing


Feeding Guide:



The benefits of feeding linseed to horses:

Linseed horse supplements are an excellent way of adding omega 3 fatty acids to your horse’s daily diet. Linseed horse supplements are used to gain a glossier, easier to groom coat, stronger hooves, improved condition, fitness and performance – scientists and vets have proven linseed’s efficacy is due to omega-3.


So… the benefits of feeding linseed to horses;

  • Feed you horse linseed for healthy skin and coat; Linseed, for horses, has an almost magical effect on reducing skin problems and developing an effortless, glossy show sheen.


  • Feed you horse linseed for physical fitness and soundness; Feeding linseed to horses provides a better balance of omega-3, resulting in fewer injuries and less stiffness after training/ competition. Linseed horse supplements provide omega-3 to ensure the correct ratio of fats is used to make the membranes of cells in ligaments and tendons, which means healthier stronger cells that are less prone to damage during exercise or competition. 


  • Feed you horse linseed for mental fitness and calmness; The brain has highest take-up of omega-3 in the body. Any imbalance can result in nerviness, excitability and lack of concentration. Horse owners who feed linseed oil say that their horse/s are calmer and easier to train. 


  • Feed you horse linseed for healing; Linseed horse supplements are an essential building block for healthy new cells, when there has been injury the body needs more omega-3 to make the repairs and will aid quicker healing.


  • Feed you horse linseed for stronger, healthier immune system; The membranes of every cell in the body play a front-line role in defending the body from attack from viruses and bacteria. Feeding your horse linseed oil ensures the essential omega-3 is there to make the body’s defences as resilient as nature intended.  This is especially important when your horse is stressed by transport, training or competition. 


  • Feed you horse linseed for breeding; Omega-3 as is essential for the correct working of all systems in the body, including, balanced hormones, fertility and milk production. Omega-3 is a component in every cell in the body; it is essential for healthy development and allows the foal to develop to the full potential of their genes, with strong bones, muscles and a healthy immune system. Feeding linseed oil form the very start gets youngsters off to a good start. 


Horses need both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as they are essential building blocks for healthy cell development.  These fatty acids have to come from food/ horse supplements because, like minerals and protein, horses cannot make them in their body.  Their natural diets contain a balance of one part omega-3 and two parts omega-6. However, most major ingredients in a horse’s diet, including oats, wheat, maize and soya, have a lot of the omega-6 which is inflammatory and not enough of the anti-inflammatory omega-3 to provide the essential balance for healthy cell and hormone production.


Linseed oil is the only vegetable oil which has more omega-3 than omega-6, so it is the only oil that can rebalance the diet. Other vegetable oils make imbalance worse and can result in stiff joints, itchy skin, poor attention, spookiness and other typical symptoms of fatty acid imbalance.